About Us

Anonymous Talent, (“AT”) is an emerging athletic apparel and lifestyle brand that epitomizes the drive to succeed, the determination to overcome the trials and tribulations that we face in life. AT is the underdog’s brand, the symbol of exceeding expectations, gaining recognition, and a reputation of accomplishment in the face of despair. AT signifies emerging from the depths in order to realize your dream; AT is the apparel company that encourages the challenger to the throne, the underdog that is in all of us, to take that Anonymous Talent, and “Define Your Moment”.

AT is the brain-child of founder and President, Jose Ibarra (hereinafter “Jose”). Jose created AT in the Summer of 2011, inspired by his upbringing in the city of Hawthorne, a city that’s borders the South Central area of Los Angeles. Jose was a stellar athlete in high school (he attended Fresno State on a soccer scholarship). Jose realized that he, and his friends who were exposed to the pitfalls of growing up in areas around South Central Los Angeles, were able to succeed in life by working hard and setting goals and raising the bar. Athletics taught him to do that. He also realized the importance of sharing the life lessons he learned from athletics and team sports to kids in South Central; how by being involved in athletic training a person can transform themselves, and overcome any challenge; how athletics can be a means to a brighter future, not just by becoming an NBA or NFL star, but by becoming a better person, taking the work ethic developed on the field of play, into the classroom and pursuing education and entrepreneurship.

The mission drives the brand. AT is inspired by the underdog, and offers apparel and a lifestyle that reflects the pursuit of greatness. AT designs and merchandises men’s and women’s athletic and streetwear clothing. Its target market is men and women, ages 16 – 35; individuals who are both active in sports and fitness, and who also have a fashionable edge: AT has fresh gear, on and off the fieldtm. Jose has taken the AT brand from his garage in Hawthorne to boutique shops along the boardwalk cities in the South Bay region of Los Angeles (Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach & Manhattan Beach) to a blossoming e-commerce platform, boutiques in Australia and the fashion industries primary trade show, MAGIC. Jose is embarking on his dream, which is to provide a stylish athletic and streetwear brand that connects with the unknown diamonds in the rough, by making them realize that they are in fact, diamonds.